Good News San Francisco – Trader Joes to Open Downtown!


For years residents in downtown had only the market street Walgreens or Bristol Farms gourmet grocery in the Westfield mall, or the target at the Metron.  But now the Trader Joes is reported to be coming to the neighborhood, offering the first full-service grocery to be located in the basement of Old Navy.  It may seem unexpected, but there is actually a growing number of residents living in fabulous condos nearby that need real groceries without having to drive somewhere. These area residents will benefit by the opportunity to get to the grocery store on foot. And by the way, the store will not have any parking.  Interestingly this is part of a new national trend called “the 365 market”, a new concept to building supermarkets smaller, smarter and more affordable.  Says Trader Joes, we intend to offer “just the right product mix to ensure an efficient and rewarding shopping experience. “ This is going to be a real asset to the neighborhood, and will be the first 365 market store in the Bay Area!

What a great idea to experience what it’s like to not need a car to go grocery shopping, if you are up for the challenge. You may want to take a back pack. Shoppers will contribute to reducing the carbon footprint, they will save money and get exercise, and reduce traffic congestion downtown too. But the other good news is that their property values will increase. According to Zillow talk  in  “Rewriting the rules of Real Estate” and years of data collecting, property values increase more rapidly for homes located near such markets as Whole Foods and Trader Joes due to the “grocery Phenomenon”.


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